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The Canadian Tire Dealers’ Association (CTDA) is a not for profit organization which was founded in 1968. The CTDA represents over 489 Dealer Associates who operate Canadian Tire Stores across Canada. All Canadian Tire Retail (CTR) stores are individually owned and operated by Associate Dealer franchisees and all Associate Dealers are members of the CTDA.

Canadian Tire stores are located in all provinces with representation, in both rural and urban markets. The breakdown of stores across Canada is as follows; 200 stores are located in Ontario, 100 in Quebec and the remainder are spread across the balance of the provinces.

What is the CTDA Preferred Vendor Program?

The objective of the CTDA Preferred Vendor Program is to leverage our volume collectively to obtain the lowest price, or best overall program, on behalf of all our Associate Dealers nationwide. One of the ways we are able to do this is by leveraging the buying power of all Canadian Tire stores. Second is that by completing the due diligence and review of the market for each of the products and services, the CTDA saves Dealers time in negotiating contracts on an individual store basis. In addition, the program offers additional value by performing due diligence on products/services that meet any provincial or federal legislative requirements and those that mitigate risk. Our program is focused on negotiating national or provincial agreements on all products & services needed to operate stores. The CTDA Preferred Vendor Program does not include retail products (products sold to customers) as this falls under the responsibility of Canadian Tire Corporation Limited.

All CTDA Preferred Vendor Programs are optional to Associate Dealers. Therefore, in order for this program to be successful in helping Dealers reduce costs, store participation is critical! We have prioritized our program to identify products and services that are used by the greatest number of Dealers.

FAQ – Most commonly asked questions

Should I become a preferred vendor?

Is your product or service applicable to all Canadian Tire stores?

Does the volume spend of Canadian Tire benefit each store more than purchasing on their own?

Does your product or service save the Dealers time, money and mitigate risk?

If you answered yes to any of the above then we welcome an application.

What are the benefits to becoming a Preferred Vendor?

• Direct marketing to the Canadian Tire Franchisee’s – The CTDA will send out marketing pieces that you provide to the CTDA and get it directly into the hands of the decision makers

• Endorsement of the CTDA and Associate Dealer Committee

• Updated store lists – Want to be able to leverage your products/services to more stores? We offer you up to date lists that can get you in touch with the right person to sell your products/services

• Construction Schedule – You will receive monthly updates about new Canadian Tire stores being built which enables you to solicit your products to stores before the market

• Changeover Schedule – You will receive monthly updates about Dealer changeover giving you the ability to get in front of Dealers who are new to their store.

• Invitation to participate in the annual Canadian Tire Convention Trade Show

• Marketing and Store Participation support from the CTDA – CTDA has just as much invested in the program, therefore, we are here to support vendors with ways to market their program to Associate Dealers once we have a clear understanding of the challenges.

Is there a cost associated with being a Preferred Vendor?

There is no cost to becoming a CTDA Preferred Vendor.

How do I become a Preferred Vendor?

Each vendor is required to submit an application to become a preferred vendor. You may download an application form at the bottom of this page.

Are there any restrictions to becoming a Preferred Vendor?

If the CTDA currently has a preferred vendor for a similar product/service, depending on the expiry date of the agreement, we may opt to review your application through an RFP prior to termination. If we do not have a preferred vendor in place, the CTDA will determine if the product/service is on our priority list based on volume

Please review the Guidelines here and submit a completed Application Form to

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